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A Day in the Life of a GM

By David Scheitlin and Chuck Lukritz



Auto Truck’s vision is that ‘We put the work in work trucks.’ When we looked at that from our installation facilities, we have three clear goals that we’re pursuing daily.

  • Provide clients a vehicle that improves efficiencies (Client satisfaction)
  • Complete the build in the time-frame estimated (On-time delivery)
  • Have each vehicle look like it just rolled off the show room floor (Quality)


Why are these Important?

  • Client satisfaction – It’s our job to make sure that we’re collaborating with our sales team, the client, and other parties involved to make it a winning proposition for everyone. Without our clients, we would not be here.
  • On-time delivery – Our client could have a new crew starting the day after we set a delivery date or they’re truck could be in dire need of replacement. We take great pride in meeting our deadlines.
  • Quality – We need to build it right the first time. The last thing we want is the crew that started on Monday needs to bring their truck back to us on Tuesday.



Over the last couple years we’ve had tremendous growth as far as new business. With that new business we’ve needed to hire more people and open more facilities. There aren’t schools that teach people how to build work trucks, so finding great people has been a challenge. Also, with bringing on new people, we’ve brought on new facilities. Since 2012 we’ve brought on Toronto, St. Louis, New Jersey and Charleston. The challenge this poses is getting everyone up to speed on the process and procedures that the company has set.

When we take a look back from the 30,000-foot view of what a GM does, we manage the order journey from order placement to order delivery. There are 10 major points that go into the process of building a truck. Our job is to manage from number five, order writing, to number nine, quality control and shipping. Next, we’ll walk you through each step and some challenges we have to manage daily.



As you can see, building a truck is a complex process and can be challenging at times. What keeps our clients coming back is our ability to manage this process and adapt to their needs.

We think we have the coolest job in the world. We get to build police cars, dump trucks and trucks that go down the rail. But, it’s our people that make this process successful.


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By Carissa Saia, 28.06.18

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