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Auto Truck Group Would Like to Announce the Retirement of David Westen

It is with personal regret but warm wishes that I announce the retirement of David Westen.

Dave will be retiring after 43 years of faithful service sometime this summer.  At 16 years  old he started at Auto Truck as a summer helper.  He continued to return over summers while attending Northern Illinois University.  His goal was to become a Shop Teacher and in a way that is what he’s been doing all along.  His management style has been to coach and mentor.  There are many across the organization that have benefited from his commitment and passion for professional growth.  (He did have a part-time job on the weekend at Triton College as a welding instructor for a few years.  Professor Westen somehow managed this endeavor while working 12 hour days every day without exception.)

Dave’s family has been a part of ATG for many years.  His father retired as the Production Supervisor in the Chicago location, his mother worked in the office for many years, his brother also worked as a summer helper.  His daughters have held roles within the organization and Renee continues the Westen legacy.

His first job as a full-time employee was purchasing, managing parts and material and all the light duty rail gear.   At that time ATG had about 30 employees. In the late 1980’s he took on the engineering functions and production.   He was promoted to a Vice President in 1990 and continued to serve as a senior leader within the organization.

His advice to those within the organization is to “always do your best”.  His philosophy for success within ATG is to be ready for when an opportunity arises.  Take the classes; take on more assignments so that when a position opens you are on the short list for that promotion.  He said that you can’t assume what your next job will be, so do your very best in the job you are in.

Dave will be spending time with his wife, Liz in their home in Sister Bay, WI.  If you’re not sure where that is, Dave can show you on his hand.  Apparently it is 10 miles south of the tip of his thumb.  (Dave’s hand represents the state of Wisconsin.)  He has lot of hobbies to keep him busy.  He will restore old tractors, work with his model railroads, research genealogy, work outside and spend time reading.

We will be throwing one last party for him before he heads up North.   The date and time will be announced at a later date.  We all wish Dave the very best.


1983. Dave is the second from the right in the standing row (flannel shirt & camera).


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