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Field Service Spotlight: Allen McKinley

Location: Northern California

Title: Field Service Technician

Hire Date: January 2013

Favorite Movie: Lonesome Dove

Favorite Quote: “You can’t fix stupid.”

What TV show or movie are you ashamed to admit you love: Cars 2


What is your role at Auto Truck?

My roll at Auto Truck is covering Northern California, Nevada and parts of Oregon repairing vehicles for Union Pacific and BNSF including high rail equipment, cranes and hydraulic systems and inspections.

How did you first learn of Auto Truck?

I first learned of Auto Truck from an ad on Career Builder.

What do you like most about Auto Truck?

The thing that I like most about Auto Truck is the fact that it is a growing company, secure job, good benefits and good work environment.

What advice would you give prospective employees?

I would tell prospective employees that it is a solid company and good benefits.

What do you find the most challenging at Auto Truck?

Working for Auto Truck, I find it most challenging to keep up with the amount of work.

What has been your favorite project you worked on?

I don’t really have one favorite project that I have worked on. Every day is a new project and it’s fun.

Before Auto Truck, what was your most interesting job?

Before Auto Truck, my most interesting job was being a Service Manager for United Rentals.

What do you like to do on your days off?

On my days off, I like to go house boating, ride dirt bikes, barbecue and eat tacos.

Allen McKinley Auto Truck Group

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By Carissa Saia, 28.11.17

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