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Field Service Spotlight: Clayton Bunn

Location: Ogden,UT

Title: Field Service Technician

Hire Date: November 2012

Favorite Movie: Gone in 60 Seconds and Ironman

Favorite Quote: “Without disappointment, you can’t appreciate victory” Randall “Memphis” Raines

What TV show or movie are you ashamed to admit you love: Sex and the City, both the show and the movies. Haha! They are great and I have seen them all.

What is your role at Auto Truck?

I travel through the Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Nevada areas working to maintain the Union Pacific fleet and other platforms that Auto Truck builds for customers. I also help train new hires in field service.

How did you first learn of Auto Truck?

I actually worked for a much smaller upfit company in Denver and heard a lot about Auto Truck, and decided to check it out.

What do you like most about Auto Truck?

I like that even though Auto Truck is a big company, they have good family values and really care about their employees. A lot of large companies don’t have that.

What advice would you give prospective employees?

I would definitely tell them that if they have any questions what so ever, just ask. Someone is always willing to help out and solve problems or offer additional training. I feel too many people are afraid to ask questions and that is just setting yourself up for failure.

What do you find the most challenging at Auto Truck?

I would say that the most challenging part of working in the field is working by yourself. Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands to help out or someone around to pick their brain. But, we have a great field service support staff in the office and the other techs are always willing to lend an ear and help out. As far as an extra set of hands, you learn to improvise.

What has been your favorite project you worked on?

That would probably have to be the week I spent in Colorado doing boom inspections for Skywest Airlines. I got to travel around in the Rocky Mountains to many different small town airports doing inspections. It was cool to see the airports behind the scenes and being out on the runways, by the planes while working. Not to mention the beautiful scenery in the mountains that week.

Before Auto Truck, what was your most interesting job?

Prior to AutoTruck, I have had many different jobs. From being a Kitchen Manager in restaurants, to working on the production and assembly line at the Bobcat manufacturing facility in North Dakota and working at the Pepsi Center in Colorado setting up arenas for pro teams like the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets and concerts. But probably the most interesting job was building NHRA ProStock drag cars. That was a cool job building tube chassis and carbon fiber cars from the ground up and hanging out at the drag strip.

What do you like to do on your days off?

I enjoy anything that has to do with Motorsports. Going to NASCAR and NHRA races, camping with the family, and racing RC cars.

What are your major job functions?

My major functions in the field include doing annual inspections, preventative maintenance, and general repairs and upkeep on equipment such as cranes, hy-rail, electrical components and any other equipment upfit through our Auto Truck facilities.

Clayton Bunn Auto Truck Group

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