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Field Service Spotlight: Matt Beukema

Location: Cedar, MN

Title: Field Service Technician

Hire Date: April 2017

Favorite Movie: Smokey and the Bandit

Favorite Quote: “It’s merely a flesh wound.”

What TV show or movie are you ashamed to admit you love: Cops


What is your role at Auto Truck?

My roll at Auto Truck is to inspect and repair railroad trucks.

How did you first learn of Auto Truck?

I first learned of Auto Truck when then contacted me through LinkedIn.

What do you like most about Auto Truck?

The thing that I like most about Auto Truck is the wide variety of work.

What advice would you give prospective employees?

I would tell prospective employees that if you love to work at a place that values you, this is it.

What do you find the most challenging at Auto Truck?

The think I find most challenging about being a Field Service Tech at Auto Truck is working in inclement weather.

What has been your favorite project you worked on?

My favorite thing that I have done so far with Auto Truck was helping a truck off the rail that was stuck on a bridge over the Mississippi River.  The truck had a crane out over the river with a load on it and it had just blown a hydraulic hose using the tool circuit.

Before Auto Truck, what was your most interesting job?

Before Auto Truck, my most interesting job was when I worked for Roush Industries as a Snow Ingestion Engineering Technician. There, I tested vehicle’s ability to drive in heavy snow.

What do you like to do on your days off?

On my days off of work and when I’m not fixing cars at home, I enjoy spending time with my family and shooting.

What are your major job functions?

My major job functions are to build relationships with our customers throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin while keeping their hy-rail and crane systems working safely and efficiently.



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By Carissa Saia, 09.05.18

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