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IMT Truck-Mounted Cranes Add Value to Work Trucks

Truck-mounted cranes are becoming an indispensible tool for work truck users who deal in a wide range of applications. From public works departments and municipalities, to heavy railroad activities and utility construction, their ruggedness and mobility make them capable of providing measurable value to virtually any operation that requires lifting.

As a leading manufacturer of material handling systems, IMT cranes can be found on heavy-duty work trucks and mechanics trucks upfitted by Auto Truck Group. Details regarding the IMT line of telescopic and articulating cranes, and key applications can be found below.

Telescopic Cranes  – Offering 18 different models with maximum lifting capacities ranging from 950 lbs. (.5/4 model) to as much as 14,000 lbs. (14000 model), IMT compact telescopic cranes require minimal mounting space and are an ideal option for mechanic trucks that require room for payloads.

Articulating Cranes –With superior lift-to-weight ratios and long reach capabilities, IMT truck-mounted articulating cranes are highly maneuverable and perfect for operation on job sites where availability of space is an issue. Offering 19 different models with maximum lifting capacities ranging from 1,740 tons (2.5/18 model) to as much as 12,000 lbs (7415 model), these compact cranes offer premium performance, added strength and superior stability.

IMT’s extensive line of telescoping and articulating cranes can be used to improve truck performance and increase jobsite productivity in a wide range of industries, including:

Public Works / Municipalities – In public works departments where funds are generally tight, making the most out of every purchase is of the utmost importance. Whether you deal with streets, utilities, parks, or water, IMT truck-mounted cranes are perfect for municipalities that perform both light and heavy-duty activities on a daily basis.

Utilities – IMT truck-mounted cranes are widely used throughout the electric, water and gas utility industries. With safety and ruggedness in mind, our cranes are designed to handle the installation, repair and maintenance of pipelines and transmission lines in even the harshest of outdoor environments.

Railroad – With superior durability, IMT cranes have helped overcome many of the rail industry’s unique material handling issues. From rail construction and locomotive maintenance, to engineering and design services, our cranes are present on the super duty chassis of some of the biggest railroad companies in operation today.

Energy – Energy operations are some of the most demanding on the planet. IMT telescoping and articulating cranes were designed with this in mind so that companies operating in the energy sector can be confident in their equipment’s ability to properly perform day-in and day-out.

Propane – Propane companies find that trucks equipped with an IMT Propane Body and telescopic crane are able to quickly and efficiently deliver and service tanks for their customers. For larger tanks that require additional load hauling capabilities and increased capacity, IMT’s larger articulating cranes can be used.


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By Carissa Saia, 24.03.14

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