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NTEA Announces David Scheitlin as a 2018 Distributor Trustee

NTEA announced the 2018-2019 Board of Trustees at the President’s Breakfast & 54th NTEA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year, three Distributors, including David Scheitlin, and two Manufacturers were elected. NTEA is governed by its Association Bylaws under the leadership of this member-elected Board. Each Trustee completes a three-year term.


David J. Scheitlin’s industry career began in 1994 when he joined Auto Truck Group, working on the shop floor and in the engineering department. In 1996, he relocated within the organization, becoming operations manager of Auto Truck Group LLC – Fort Wayne (formerly Fort Wayne Fleet Equipment). Three years later, he helped start Louisville Truck Equipment (now Auto Truck Group LLC – Louisville), while retaining his responsibilities at the Fort Wayne facility. He became part of the company’s Executive Committee in 1999 and is currently general manager of six production locations. David received a bachelor’s in aeronautical and aerospace engineering and a master’s of science management from Purdue University. He has been part of NTEA’s Young Executives Network (a professional development group now known as Generation Next). His community involvement includes volunteering at Aboite Lutheran Church and managing an adult soccer team.


David wanted to become a Trustee to continue developing relationships with other industry companies and maintain communication on regulations that affect production. He feels NTEA should be at the forefront of government legislation, encouraging compliance as the industry moves toward autonomous driving vehicles and alternative fuel sources.


Read More about NTEA’s 2018 Board of Trustees.




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By Carissa Saia, 24.04.18

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