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Railroad Parts: DMF – Diversified Metal Fabricators

Diversified Metal Fabricators is focused on providing versatile options to help companies get their vehilces onto rails and to work. With a primary location in Atlanta, GA, DMF has dedicated production space to manufacture products in the U.S.A. Diversified Metal Fabricators offers rail gear modification systems for vehicle chassis in the SUV, light duty truck, medium duty truck and heavy duty truck classes.




DMF’s dedicated rail gear platform for SUVs and light duty trucks

  • built-in safety features in the event of hydraulic power failure
  • options for increased safety such as in-cab control and easy push button activation
  • optional rubber guide wheels and axles for proper shunt current flow




DMF’s scaled-down version of the RW-1630 for increased steering stability

  • optional brake system is electric or hydraulically driven
  • sectional rear unit to pull vehicle onto rails regardless of alignment with rails
  • offered with insulated wheels and axles for proper shunt current flow



RW-1630 / RW-1650

DMF’s largest hyrail option for heavy-duty truck application

  • front rail gear mount to vehicle’s front suspension to improve ride stability
  • dual-scissor action to easily align rear wheels onto rail track
  • optional brakes and wheel shunting for versatile rail track services




DMF’s rotating horizontal axis dump truck body

  • able to dump various load contents within a 180 degree swivel radius
  • safely dump contents away from work teams with remote controls and dump bed vibration
  • pairs with RW-1630 or RW-1650 rail gear for outstanding heavy duty material delivery



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By Carissa Saia, 28.11.17

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