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Railroad Parts: Harsco Rail Systems

Harsco Rail Systems has origins back to 1905 when Fairmont Railway Motors was established. Fairmont was the original owner of the Hy-Rail system which started road to rail conversion vehicle kits. Today Harsco is the one of the largest railway equipment manufacturers in North America. Harsco is capable of supplying Auto Truck customers multiple options across vehicle classes.




HR1500 Series

Harsco Rail’s light duty truck and SUV rail gear platform

  • built-in suspension and optional rubber tread guide wheels provide smoother rail ride
  • wireless remote control or inside cab push button operation for convenience and worker safety
  • available options such as brakes, rail sweeps, rail shunt kits and grease guard fenders


HR1900 and HR 2000

Harsco Rail’s medium duty pickup truck rail gear platform

  • provides a rugged and compact design for extra durability on highway capable work truck vehicles
  • hydraulically driven power system allows operators to easily raise, lock and lower rail gear wheels
  • available options for front and rear air brakes, rear rail sweeps and non-electric rail track insulation


HR3000 and HR4000

Harsco Rail’s heavy duty truck rail gear platform

  • rear units provide multi-axis positioning to ease guide wheel alignment onto rails
  • hydraulic driven locks and mechanical safety pins allow simple and easy operation by work teams
  • available options for front and rear air brakes, remote lock pins and non-electrical track insulation


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By Eric Schoenfeld, 28.11.17

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