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Rugby Dump Bodies: 6 Models That Can Improve Worksite Productivity

Dump truck bodies play a key role in a wide range of light, medium, and heavy-duty operations. From construction and landscaping, to material transportation and day-to-day municipal activities, they can often serve as a useful tool for increasing work truck productivity in a number of different fields.

Because different businesses have varying worksite demands, it’s important to know which dump truck body can help you get the most out of your operation. As the authorized dealer and upfitter of Rugby® dump bodies, Auto Truck Group® offers 6 separate models equipped with a broad range of useful accessories, there’s an option for exactly what you need. Information on our extensive line of dump truck bodies is provided below.

Eliminator LP – The Rugby®, Eliminator LP is the premiere dump body for professionals working in the landscape and/or light construction industry. As the lowest mounted body on the market today, this model features a seamless, one-piece 10-gauge steel floor for added strength and durability. Other features include a fully boxed and tapered dirt-shedding top rail, single-walled fold down sides with 6” vertical braces, and pockets for side boards, which help increase load capacity (2 – 4 cubic yards depending on body length).

Stainless Steel Eliminator LP – Offering the same features as the standard Eliminator LP, Rugby®,’s Stainless Steel LP is corrosion resistant and comes equipped with a centrally located quick release lever, as well as our patented EZ-LATCH SYSTEM. Its stainless steel body also provides added durability for extended years of service.

Eliminator MD – With side and rear dump capabilities, Rugby®’s Eliminator MD offers pinpoint load placement, multi-directional dumping and greater functionality for work on jobsites where availability of space is an issue. Dumping direction can be easily controlled by a single lever and with vertical side and tailgate braces contributing to its sleek appearance, it’s guaranteed to make your work truck stand out.

Aluminum LP – Rounding out the Eliminator series of dump bodies, the Aluminum LP is a tough, efficient model that weights up to 50% less than traditional carbon steel models. With an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, the Aluminum LP allows for increased payload, higher fuel efficiency and superior corrosion resistance. Operators who use this model also experience reduced costs related to maintenance, tire and brakes.

Titan Series – Built for strength and increased capacity, Rugby®’s Titan Series dump bodies feature a dirt-shedding top, a 10 degree sloped tailgate and radius front corner posts for a sleek new look. Ideal for class 5 – 7 requirements, Titan Dump Bodies come equipped with an 8-gauge steel floor, three vertical boxed braces per side, 7” structural channels and 4” I beam cross sills on 12” centers, and new oval-shaped tail lights in upper rear corner posts with side clearance lights on lower posts.

Contract Dump Body – With 12’, 14’ and 16’ convenient fold-down sides, Rugby®’s line of Contractor dump bodies offer 4 – 6 cubic yards of volume capacity and are designed specifically to maximize payload in medium to heavy-duty operations. Other features included on this model include 45 degree sloped rub rails, 12-gauge HSLAS grade 50 steel sides, recessed shock resistant rubber mounted clearance lights and a triple bend horizontal top rail.

Founded in North Dakota in 1969, Rugby® is the country’s leading designer and manufacturer of Class 3 – 7 dump truck bodies, landscaping bodies, platforms and hoists (all of which come with a 3-year warranty). For more information on our extensive line of products, you can visit our website at www.autotruck.com, call us toll free at 855-AUTOTRK, or email sales@autotruck.com


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By Carissa Saia, 09.04.14

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