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Auto Truck Group Announces New Kansas City Facility

Bartlett, IL—June 10, 2014— A new work truck upfitting and manufacturing facility is scheduled to open June 23, 2014, located at 3699 N. Booth Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri. The facility is owned by Auto Truck Group, a leading North American upfitter specializing in the design, manufacture, and installation of customized solutions for work trucks and vans.
AutoTruckGroup KansasCity prThis state-of-the-art facility will feature 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space, enough space to upfit more than 100 vehicles concurrently, along with a full design studio, and many more features to support the manufacture and installation of truck equipment for a wide variety of users and applications. Opening June 23, 2014, this facility will provide the custom solutions to truck fleets in such industries as energy, telecommunications, railroad, municipalities, construction, and much more. 

Importantly, the facility has also been awarded ship-thru for the new 2015 Transit full-size van, and the 2015 Ford F-150 Pickup. Using Ford ship-thru code 31A D9K (for both Ford vehicles), companies in need of fleet upfitting will be able to receive custom vehicles through the Ford transportation and shipping system.

“We are pleased to announce this facility, including the valuable addition of ship-thru for the new Ford F-150 pickup and Transit full-sized vans,” says Jim Dondlinger, President for Auto Truck Group. “Our new Auto Truck facility will serve both regional and national customers and fleets.”

The new facility consolidates two older Kansas City facilities, with the 1601 N. Corrington Avenue and the 200 Northwest Harlem Road locations closing.

About Auto Truck Group

Auto Truck Group is one of the leading work truck upfitters in North America. Founded in 1918, Auto Truck Group serves the continental United States and Canada with nine service centers and ship-thru service with five of the top OEM manufacturers. Auto Truck Group specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of truck and van equipment for a wide variety of customers, trades, and industries. From custom orders to entire fleets, Auto Truck Group is ready to help pool/dealer customers, fleets, commercial users, including those working in construction, energy and telecommunications, utilities, municipal and state governments, railroads, and many other businesses and industries. For more information, contact Auto Truck Group at 855-AutoTrk (288-6875), or visit www.AutoTruck.com

For additional information, contact:

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