Benefit from the power of our combined expertise

Three leading companies working for you as one.

A single-source solution that drives revenue to your bottom line.

Auto Truck, ARI and Holman Parts Distribution work together as Holman business units to eliminate the delays and finger pointing common to multi-vendor supply chains. We consolidate purchasing and streamline communication to ensure consistent vehicle specifications and builds.

Your fleet is an investment. Let’s make it pay off.

The trucks and vans in your fleet are more than just vehicles. They are critical investments essential to your business. ARI can help you manage them strategically with revolutionary technology that identifies hidden costs and time drains, and unlocks your fleet’s revenue-generating power. Auto Truck and ARI can leverage an unmatched range of automotive knowledge to simplify your fleet challenges and achieve new levels of efficiency and savings.

Minimize downtime with quality parts.

Once vehicles are delivered and serving your customers, you need efficient access to quality parts to minimize downtime and operating costs. Holman Parts Distribution is the only nationwide, single-source supplier of OE powertrain products from many of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Auto Truck and Holman Parts Distribution offer a comprehensive sourcing solution that keeps you rolling with accurate, on-time nationwide deliveries.

Extended Holman family of companies

Leveraging additional automotive value

Holman’s other automotive-focused businesses can deliver on a variety of your fleet needs, from mobility solutions to ridesharing and liability protection.

While we operate a variety of businesses with unique foci, our shared measure of success is the ability to work together and solve automotive challenges for companies like yours.

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