A single, streamlined supply chain

For unmatched speed, quality and reliability.

From Initial Truck Design To Maintenance & Management

No team in North America can design, build, deliver, and manage trucks like Auto Truck and ARI. Our single, streamlined supply chain puts road-ready work vehicles in your drivers’ hands quickly and reliably.


  • Our engineers design truck bodies, interiors and accessories to your precise specifications,
  • Continuous feedback loops ensure it all works in the field as designed.


  • We pair your required components with your chassis of choice,
  • Skilled artisans fabricate, paint, and quality check every component we build,
  • Standing bailment pool agreements with GM, RAM, and Ford.


  • 12 locations across North America align with major OEMs to minimize delivery times,
  • Real-time status reporting on your vehicle progress,
  • Ship-through service to expedite the entire upfitting process,
  • Full-service title and licensing services that ensure delivery of road-ready units.

Maintain & Manage

  • Quick access to replacement parts and other accessories,
  • Repair facilities and field service options that keep your trucks running,
  • Alignment with ARI for strategic fleet management services and supply chain control,
  • Top-quality OE powertrain equipment through Holman Parts Distribution.

We want to earn your trust in our combined ability to smooth out the kinks in your complex vehicle acquisition supply chain. See the difference for yourself:

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