Client-focused incentives that power our culture

Holman Enterprises’ Partners in Excellence program helps us create happy Auto Truck Group employees and memorable customer experiences.

We embrace a vibrant company culture that emphasizes service excellence, empathy, collaboration, and trust

30 years of excellence

First introduced at ARI 1989 before expanding throughout the business, Holman Enterprises’ Partners In Excellence program aligns with our corporate mission to train, empower and reward exceptional people.

Engagement events

Through PIE’s collaborative meetings that bring employees together, events that contribute to employee development, annual employee celebrations, and recognition for a job well done, Auto Truck Group employees feel valued and that their contributions matter. In turn, they deliver unsurpassed caring and commitment to our customers.

Financial incentives tied to service excellence

We incentivize our people to optimize service delivery with financial rewards that are tied to service-focused performance metrics. Employees can earn additional days of pay by hitting goals such as a minimum first-call resolution rate, issue escalation avoidance, completed skills training hours, and faster turnaround time for customer requests. There’s even a “Shark Tank” style Executive Challenge initiative with financial rewards for innovations that improve the business.

Motivating through recognition

Employees can also earn praise and incentives through recognition channels that range from an immediate “Thanks!” online all the way up to being honored as Partner of the Year, which includes a financial incentive and all expenses paid trip to a tropical destination with our executives.

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