A tradition of excellence since 1918.

Auto Truck has remained a trusted name in manufacturing and upfitting services for over 100 years. From fabrication during the Great Depression and manufacturing cargo ships during World War II to its move to work with railroads in the 1970s, Auto Truck has adapted with the times and grew stronger because of it.

  • Auto Truck Group was founded in 1918 in downtown Chicago. Originally named the Auto Truck Steel Body Company, Auto Truck was positioned in the center of American rail and manufacturing to service the country’s first truck bodies.
  • The company was taken over by Eugene James “Don” Dondlinger in 1928, and has remained a part of the Dondlinger family ever since. Auto Truck is now in its fourth generation of leadership legacy, as Don’s great-grandson Pete Dondlinger took over as president in 2018.
  • Auto Truck moved from Chicago to Bensenville, Illinois at the end of the 1970’s and took on fleet clients as the next wave of upfitting opportunities, expanding our enterprise outward to include our first ship-through facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • We acquired Layton Truck Equipment in 1997, extending our reach into Colorado Springs, Colorado, and continued to grow across the United States in Kentucky, more of Colorado and Missouri, providing ship-through locations from major automotive companies like Ford and Chrysler. In 2009 Auto Truck Group settled into our current headquarters in Bartlett, Illinois.
  • One year later, in 2010, Auto Truck was acquired by Holman Enterprises, merging us with Fleet Body Equipment. Things moved fast from there, as we were able to expand into Canada, New Jersey, Indiana, South Carolina and more of Missouri.
  • We extended our manufacturing capabilities through the acquisition of Kargo Master in 2017, just one year before we celebrated our centennial.

It’s been a busy 100 years, filled with challenges and new opportunities. Through it all Auto Truck Group, the Dondlinger family, and now the Holman family have continued to grow and have remained committed to providing our employees with a better tomorrow.

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