Coronavirus / COVID-19 Information

Putting people first is our normal course of business.

When things aren’t business as usual, we’re here to navigate challenging and unprecedented times with you – together. The Holman Way of doing business guides us to treat our people, business partners, and the community at large with respect and care. That empathetic mindset is the compass guiding our collective response to COVID-19.

Auto Truck Group is considered an essential business. We continue to be fully operational and we’ve executed continuity procedures to support your upfitting and manufacturing needs without compromising the safety of our people. This includes transitioning our office-based workforce to remote workstations, and expanding flexible shifts to decrease volume and increase distance for onsite personnel.

On a daily basis, we’re engaging with industry suppliers and distributors to identify any possible service disruptions. We will continue to update this page with the latest information.

March 18, 2020 letter from Auto Truck Group president Pete Dondlinger

Upfitting Industry Update

Latest news on the impact of COVID-19

Auto Truck Group and our business partners are closely monitoring the impact that COVID-19 is having on our industry. We will continue to communicate directly with our clients, and we will update this page with new information as we receive it.

Prevention Tips

Safety Tips for Vehicle Operators

Vehicle operators are strongly encouraged to take the following precautions

Everyone should follow the guidelines published by the World Health Organization and US Center for Disease Control to limit the spread of cornoavirus and COVID-19. In addition to those recommendations, we strongly encourage vehicle operators to take these additional precautions:

The Road to Recovery

Recommendations on Getting Back to Businesses

Manufacturer plants are coming back online and businesses are returning to work. The upfitting and supply chain experts at Auto Truck Group and ARI are closely monitoring the industry and will be posting resources here to help you navigate this new landscape.

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