Powering the utilities that keep our country running

There's no day off for utilities. You need vehicles tough enough to perform every day.

Electric, water, and gas utilities make our communities livable, which make trucks and tools lifelines for thousands of people. You need vehicles that can handle that enormous responsibility.

Mechanics Bodies

Auto Truck vehicles are designed and upfitted with intention, to keep up with your rigorous workload.

  • Tailored WorkTuff®  storage manufacturing
  • Heavy-duty stock options
  • Made-to-order industry upfits

Light-duty Solutions

Take your trucks off the road and get them exactly where they need to be.

  • Hydraulic cranes and compressors
  • Mobile repair and support
  • WorkTuff® tool shelving and drawers

Where do you have to go?

Get there today with a truck that works for you.

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