Vehicles that keep our government and safety branches rolling

Making our communities safe and secure.

People rely on your vehicles in times of urgent need. Make sure you have the upfits, designs, and installations that can guarantee the safety of all those who trust you to protect them.

Law Enforcement Vehicles

Built to protect and serve the public as well as the brave few behind the wheel.

  • Safety Equipment installations
  • Custom branding and wrapping
  • Reinforced interior upfits

Fire and Rescue Upfits

Equipped to go to any length for safety.

  • Weather-proof interiors
  • Emergency lighting options
  • Custom shelving for tools

Unique Municipal Vehicles

Entirely original upfits for your needs.

  • Interactive design process
  • Field-specific builds
  • Ranging from automobile to truck

Built to Work

Find the fleet that works for you.

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