The Benefits of Fleet Insurance through Holman

Do you know what’s driving the cost of your fleet’s insurance coverage? Is your coverage tailored to the unique needs of your business to minimize your corporate risk? A necessity for all fleets but often overlooked, particularly if you aren’t regularly monitoring and assessing your insurance policy, is creeping costs can quickly add up leaving you with a blind spot in coverage that exposes your organization to significant risk.

Now while we all realize a sound insurance strategy is vital to controlling costs and minimizing corporate risk, finding the necessary time and insurance expertise to do so certainly presents a challenge for even the most seasoned fleet manager. With that in mind, our truly unique collection of core competencies allows Holman to leverage our extensive knowledge of fleet operations and insurance strategies (along with the latest technologies) to help you develop a comprehensive solution for your organization.

The value of Holman’s fleet insurance is its uniqueness in the marketplace. Holman understands the challenges facing the marketplace and has developed solutions which puts its fleet customer-base first.

Overcoming Hidden Insurance Inefficiencies

So what are some of the challenges facing fleet operations when it comes to insurance coverage? You may be surprised what you find when you pop open the hood of you insurance coverage to find what is driving costs.

  • Annual rise in fleet insurance coverage cost
  • Over paying for a premium down payment
  • Insurance plans forcing additional policies to be moved under them
  • No change in insurance premiums despite investing in monitoring and safety training tools

Hidden and additional costs can quickly add up in fleet insurance coverage. Fleet managers need a coverage plan that meets their business needs and essentials. Holman delivers on that with a fleet insurance coverage designed for fleet operations.

  • Reduction in total cost of risk by leveraging fleet data to lower costs without lowering coverage
  • Centralized fleet data provides driver behaviors which may lower premiums
  • Consolidated billing with lease payment or M invoice to avoid lump sum down payments as well as to streamline monthly costs
  • Insurance as a standalone
  • Lower premium by vehicle type
  • Loss Summary Analysis to quantify potential insurance savings when implementing safety technology and training

The Value Holman Fleet Insurance Delivers

The benefits of obtaining fleet insurance through Holman is in the solutions and the savings. Holman’s in-house insurance broker competency allows us to offer competitively priced fleet insurance policies. It’s this value that allows Holman to put its fleet customers in position for lower insurance rates.


Customer Challenges Holman Insurance Solutions

Fleet coverage costs increase annually by double-digit percentages. Holman fleet insurance offers the ability to control percentage of “risk/reward” and to approach insurance as part of the larger fleet “Total Cost of Risk” strategy.

No positive impact on premium costs with use of telematics. Holman’s centralized fleet data provides data on driver behavior to assist in understanding driver accidents and violations. Reduces insurance premiums and financial losses.

Existing standalone auto policy requiring 25% down payment. Holman’s consolidated billing bundles insurance costs with vehicle lease payments to streamline monthly cash flow and reduce the number of administrative tasks.

Auto insurer requiring additional policies to be moved to them. Holman fleet insurance coverage is offered as a standalone product.

Find out how Holman can assist your operation with its fleet insurance cost. Contact us today to get started.

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