Ship Through and Drop Ship Codes

Moving vehicles seamlessly across the supply chain

The vehicle acquisition supply chain can get complicated when you’re talking about moving vehicles between a manufacturer, an upfitter, and their final destination. Auto Truck Group has ship-through and drop-ship capabilities with most manufacturers to ensure you get your vehicles as quickly and effectively as possible.

Ship Through

Ship through is a service that uses the OEMs’ transportation network to move vehicles between the manufacturing plant, our facilities, and then back into the transportation system. Auto Truck has ship-through capabilities with FCA, General Motors, Ford, Mercedes Benz, and Toyota.


**All Ship-Thru codes have been set-up for ALL family lines with the exception of ProMaster (VF)** ProMaster vehicles upfit in the US need to be ordered as Ship-To

Model Code Location
99801A Auto Truck – Chicago
99869A Auto Truck – Saltillo, MX
99802A Auto Truck – Fort Wayne
99800A Auto Truck – New Jersey
RAM 4500 CC/5500 CC 99851A Auto Truck – Toronto
All Except ProMaster & 4500 CC/5500 CC 99887A Auto Truck – Toronto


General Motors

Model Code Location
Traverse VGZ Auto Truck – Fort Wayne
Silverado/Sierra – 1500 Crew/Double Cab TRE Auto Truck – Fort Wayne
Silverado/Sierra – 2500HD/3500HD VUI Auto Truck – Fort Wayne
Silverado/Sierra – 3500HD Chassis Cab VUI Auto Truck – Fort Wayne
Silverado/Sierra – 1500 Crew/Double Cab (w/CNG Spray-On Bedliner) VDT Auto Truck – Fort Wayne
Silverado/Sierra – 4500HD/5500HD/6500HD VWG Auto Truck – Fort Wayne
Equinox CAM Auto Truck – Fort Wayne
Silverado/Sierra – 2500HD/3500HD (w/CNG Spray-On Bedliner) TCE Auto Truck – Fort Wayne
Trax TDL Auto Truck – Fort Wayne
Express/Savana, Express Cutaway/Savana Cutaway (SRW) TBQ Auto Truck – St. Louis
Colorado/Canyon TBQ Auto Truck – St. Louis
Express/Savana (w/CNG Spray-On Cargo Liner) VAL Auto Truck – St. Louis
Silverado/Sierra – 1500 Regular Cab/Crew Cab Vi1 Auto Truck – Fort Worth
All Models 297720 Auto Truck – Toronto


Model Code Location
F150, Transit 31A/D9K Auto Truck – Kansas City
Fusion 31A/D9R Auto Truck – Kansas City
Super Duty, Expedition 31L/D9E Auto Truck – Louisville
E-Series 31J/D9D Auto Truck – Louisville
Escape 31L/D9U Auto Truck – Louisville
Edge 31A/D9B Auto Truck – Chicago
Taurus (Not SHO), Explorer, Lincoln (MKS only) 31A/D9G Auto Truck – Chicago
Fusion (Police Responder) 31B/D9R Auto Truck – Chicago
Transit Connect 31T/D91 Auto Truck – New Jersey
Ranger 31A/D9L Auto Truck – Fort Wayne
Focus, Fusion, Escape, Explorer, F150 36A Auto Truck – Toronto
Transit Connect, Transit (low roof only) 36A Auto Truck – Toronto
Super Duty, Taurus 36A Auto Truck – Toronto


Mercedes Benz

Model Code Location
Sprinter / Metris UA1 (dealer) Auto Truck – Charleston
Sprinter/ Metris UA5 (fleet) Auto Truck – Charleston


Model Code Location
Tundra 9B Auto Truck – Fort Worth
Tacoma 9N Auto Truck – Fort Worth



Drop Ship

Drop ship is a service where chassis is ordered directly from the manufacturer and delivered to one of our facilities. Once the vehicle is completed, it is delivered directly to you or to a dealer for delivery. This method is great for situations when a completed vehicle cannot physically fit on ship-through carriers.

Auto Truck has 10 drop-ship locations across the United States.

Drop-Ship Codes

Chicago Fort Worth Kansas City Fort Wayne St. Louis
Chevy 54048 68591 31983 59822 61358
Chevy BAC 134743 147686 203335 133156 288826
GMC 54048 68591 31983 56033 61358
GMC BAC 134743 147686 203335 133156 288826
Ford 88NX79 88RDP1 88QFG6 88MW23
FCA T1560 T9474 T5600 T5299 T2098
Jeep T1560 T5299
Toyota 12200 42535 24860 13100
International B02953 B02822 B02734
Nissan X2485 X2486 X2487 X2491

Drop-Ship Codes

Colorado Springs Louisville New Jersey Charleston Toronto
Chevy 59812 68876 61457 88411 81965
Chevy BAC 132000 214109 286043 305544 297720
GMC 56925 68876 61457 88411 81965
GMC BAC 132000 214109 286043 305544 297720
Ford 88TZ11 88MAV5 88DNX8 88GSP5 B8897
FCA T4845 T8488 T9963 T1870 CX740
Jeep T4845 T9963
Toyota 05790 16889 29705 39889
International B02850
Nissan X2489 X2490 X2692

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